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Welcome to the world of Boy Scouting and CrossPointe’s Troop 242. Here you will find some introductory information about our troop and the scouting program.Troop 242 was founded in 1934 and first met at McKinley Elementary School in Norman. Troop 242 recognized it’s first Eagle Scout in 1936. Sadly the Troop disbanded in 1987.

The Troop 242 tradition was rekindled in 2003 when the Last Frontier Council rechartered Troop 242 with CrossPointe Church. In the eight years since the Troops founding we have had 

had 126 Eagle Scouts. 


To provide a year round scouting program for boys ages 11 to 18 years old and to follow policies and guidelines of the Boy Scouts of America. 


Troop 242 follows the methods of scouting, which are suggested by the Boy Scouts of America.In general this can be characterized as the patrol method, in which the boys have a voice in deciding the activities of the troop. Each patrol elects its own leader, who then takes his place in the Patrol Leader's Council (PLC) along with the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) who leads the troop. The Patrol Leader's Council plans the yearly calendar of events for the troop, subject to guidance by the Scoutmaster and Troop Committee.

A basic premise of Troop 242 is that leadership should be developed within the patrol and the troop.Many of the advancement requirements for the individual scouts specify that the older scouts help the younger ones in their own growth and advancement.


Troop meetings begin at 6:30 PM. with a pre-meeting activity. This part of the program is not mandatory; it serves to ensure we are all on time for the opening. The meeting begins with an opening flag ceremony. The meeting will end promptly at 8:00 PM. Please pick up your son promptly after the meeting.Troop meetings are planned and conducted by boy leaders under the guidance of the Scoutmaster. This is part of the plan to help your son make decisions and take an active part in making the troop program successful. Encourage your son to take his share of responsibility by taking an active part in all patrol and troop meetings and activities. Participation leads to growth in scouting. Each scout will attend leadership training conducted after each election .


2601 24th Ave SE, Norman,Oklahoma.