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Youth Protection Policies
Pack 21 is committed to seeing that all Scouts have a safe and fun experience in our program. In order to protect the well-being of all our Scouts, Pack 21 adheres to several important policies. These policies include:
  • No one-on-one contact. No individual adult is ever to be alone with an individual Scout other than the adult’s own son.
  • No secret meetings. All Scout meetings and outings are always open to all parents.
  • Two-deep leadership. All Den and Pack meetings and outings must have two adults present.
  • Leader Screening. All leaders are subject to an extensive review process, including reference checks, interviews, and criminal records review.
  • Leader training. All our Den leaders have completed Cub Scout Basic Leader training, which includes training on youth protection guidelines. In addition, all leaders are required every other year to complete a special Youth Protection Training course offered by the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Reporting of Suspected Abuse. All Scout leaders are obligated to report any suspicions of child or sexual abuse to DCFS
  • Parental Accompaniment of Tiger Cubs. Tiger Cubs must always have a parent or adult partner present at all activities.
  • Youth Awareness. At each level of the scouts' advancement, from the Bobcat through Webelos ranks, parents are expected to discuss youth safety issues with their sons.