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Cub Scout Uniforms

The Boy Scouts of America has always been a uniformed body. Its uniforms help to create a sense of belonging. They symbolize character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness. Wearing a uniform gives youth and adult members a sense of identification and commitment. 

  • Equality - The uniform represents a democratic ideal of equality, bringing people of different backgrounds together in the Scouting tradition.
  • Identification - The uniform identifies youth and adult members of the Boy Scouts of America, visible as a force for good in the community. When properly and smartly worn, the uniform can build good unit spirit. Badges on the uniform tell other members the wearer's den, pack, and council. 
  • Achievement - The uniform displays the awards the wearer has earned, showing the wearer's activities, responsibilities, and achievement. The accomplishments of every youth and adult member can be recognized by the insignia worn on the uniform.
  • Commitment - The uniform is a constant reminder to all members of their commitment to the ideals and purpose of the Scouting movement. It is a way of making visible members' commitment to a belief in God, loyalty to country, and helping others at all times.
(From the uniform page at the BSA website.)

Having said that, the uniform is not required for membership or participation. We encourage youth members and adult volunteers to wear their uniforms to all den meetings, pack meetings, and most activities (while the uniform is good for hiking & camping, it's better not to wear your uniform if there's a significant chance of it getting stained).

Parents and guardians, please refer to the Uniforms folder on our Google Drive, as well as to the back of your Scout's Handbook, for where to put those patches. Special participation patches, such as for the Pinewood Derby, the Feast of Lanterns flag ceremony, and Monterey Bay Trekkers patches, do not go on the uniform, but may be worn on a patch vest. Please remember that correct uniforming includes tucking in the shirt.

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Uniform information for Pack 125

Scouts are encouraged to wear their uniform to pack meetings and den meetings. They are also encouraged to wear their uniform on outings. Adult leaders should wear their uniforms, too.

The uniform is one set of clothing, in multiple parts. All the parts should be worn together, or not at all. 

A full Cub Scout uniform consists of the following:

  • Scout shirt (long- or short-sleeved)
  • Hat (each rank has its own) 
  • Neckerchief & slide (varies by rank; Scouts can also make their own slides)
  • Scout trousers or shorts (boys love the convertible pants)
  • Scout belt with buckle 

Lions (kindergartners) have a special uniform consisting of a hat & T-shirt; they may also wear official pants or shorts and the uniform belt. There is an optional neckerchief & slide for Lions, too.

Once a Cub Scout advances to Webelos, the uniform changes: instead of navy blue shirt and pants, Webelos may wear a tan shirt & olive green pants. The Webelos uniform is explained in the the Webelos Handbook, and we have uniform inspection sheets on our shared drive. Most families keep their Webelos Scouts in the navy blue uniform until they outgrow it; then, they buy a tan & green uniform with room to grow.

In addition to the parts mentioned above are the official socks. Scouts may also wear a red vest to display additional patches. While the uniform is not required—no one will be prevented from participating in Cub Scouts because he does not have or wear a uniform—it is highly encouraged. (P.S.: Cub Scout socks are low-cost, high-quality hiking socks, and help keep wearers' feet comfortable when hiking, running, or just walking around. Since the larger sizes fit adults, you might even get a pair for yourself!)

Cub Scout uniform parts can be bought locally at Outdoor World in Seaside or the Hayward Trading Post in Salinas (we recommend the Trading Post—they can help you better, and are more likely to have everything you need). You may also purchase uniforms online at, or go to the Scout Shop in San Jose. If you want a uniform but find the cost high, please talk to our Cubmaster. We will work with you, discreetly, to get your Scout in uniform. (Some people shop thrift stores or eBay for uniforms.)

More information on placement of insignia on the uniform can be found in each rank's Handbook, or online. There are separate inspection sheets for different levels. Tigers, Wolves, and Bears use the Cub Scout Uniform Inspection Sheet; Webelos Scouts use the Webelos Uniform Inspection Sheet; and leaders use the Adult Uniform Inspection Sheet as guides for wearing the uniform correctly. (There is no inspection sheet for Lions.) The authoritative source is the most recent version of the Guide to Awards and Insignia, which is always available online. We also have uniform inspection sheets from the BSA on the Pack 125 Google drive, which all members have access to; they are also linked here, at the bottom of this page.

Questions? Please ask! Want to join Pack 125? Please contact us!

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