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Cub Scout Pack 566
(Saratoga/Cupertino, California)
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Den Meeting: a gathering of same aged* Cub Scouts

Lions, Tigers, Wolfs, Bears and Webelos Cub Den Meetings:

A Den Meeting is a gathering of same aged Cubs. Currently are Dens are Co-ed. Typically, at least one parent of each Cub attends the meeting which runs about an hour or so with some special events lasting longer. There are generally two den meetings per month during the school year.
Den meetings are coordinated by the Den Leader, a parent/guardian of one of the Cubs. The goal of the den meeting is to work on the adventures and achievements outlined in the Cub handbook for the particular grade level: Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos. The Den Leader will coordinate the overall program for the den with each of the Den parents volunteering to take on the responsibility for one or two of the adventures or achievements. Remember, all Pack leaders are volunteers. All parents need to do some of the work so all our children can benefit.
When a Den grows to eight Cubs or more it may be split into two dens with separate den meetings.

Two Deep Leadership:

One of the guiding principles of the Cub and Boy Scout programs is Two Deep Leadership. Two Deep Leadership requires that there ALWAYS be two at least two adults present at every Cub Scout event including den meetings. Two Deep Leadership provides for the safety and supervision of our children ensuring that there are enough adults to keep an eye on the children as they participate in the activity.

Each of our Den Leaders are uniformed and trained for their position

What is the format of a Den Meeting?

A pre-gathering task
An opening flag ceremony.
Main activities
Post gathering task

What are some examples of the Main Activity of a Den Meetings?

Working on one or more activities outlined in the Cub Handbook.
These are skills, games, sports, crafts, and more.

Here are some pictures

Tiger Den Bike Ride, January 2019.

Bike Safety and Etiquette discusion: Front View: Back View:

Jan 5-6th,  2019 - Pack 566 Individual Den Meetings. A good use of a cold & rainy weekend.

Pack 566 Tigers (first graders)
Build Birdhouses for homeless birds.
Pack 566 Wolves (2nd graders)
Learned some communications skills including sign language.
Pack 566 Bears (3rd graders)
Learned woodworking skills. Measure twice,
cut once! . They used their new sawing, drilling,
and screwing skills to built this Cubmobile for
a future Pack wide race.
Webelos I (fourth graders)
Built and filled a time capsule. They will re-unite
in 7 years to open it.

Pack 566 Webelos II (5th graders)
Worked on learning knots. They were a bit
naughty as they were having so much fun
they forgot to take a picture.

We learn stuff at Den meetings.

Here the Den was learning about car maintenance.