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Cub Scout Pack 74
(Ormond Beach, Florida)
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Pack 74 Welcome Handbook

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Parents 10 Commandments (Rules)

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Pack 74 Rules and Code of Conduct

Rules for Ormond Beach Cub Scouts – Pack 74

Pack Meetings:

  1. All Pack Meetings will start promptly at the indicated time.
  2. Each Scout must have at least one adult present at each and every Pack Meeting.  Pack Meetings are for the family to support their scout.
  3. It is important for parents to realize their son or daughter takes pride in displaying their accomplishments.  The pack can only be as strong as it’s parents.
  4. Pack 74 lines the scouts up behind their Den number.  Please help us obtain uniformity for all scouts and allow your child to sit with their fellow scouts.
  5. All leaders should be at Pack Meetings at least 15 minutes early to help set up.
  6. If your Den has Opening Ceremony, please have scouts ready at least 15 minutes prior to meeting start time.
  7. Each Den is assigned a specific duty for all events.  We need full cooperation as these duties are fair to all.  For example: if you are on clean-up, please make an effort to stay and help! Thank you for your cooperation.
  8. All Leaders and Scouts are to be in full Class A Uniform for ALL Pack Meetings.
  9. Some Pack Meetings do consist of Uniform Inspection.
  10. iPods, video games and other electronic devices are prohibited.  These devices cause distraction and disruption to meetings and activities.
  11. ALL Parents and Leaders should work together to ensure proper behavior from the scouts at all times, especially once the meeting is over.  There should be no running around the church grounds, stairs or balconies.  A scout it is reverent and should show respect to a place of worship.

Den Meetings:

  1. All Den Meetings must consist of at least 2 Adult Leaders.  One Adult Leader CANNOT be left with scouts on their own.  
  2. All Parents must check in with the Den Leader before and after Den Meetings to be sure that scouts are properly supervised at all times.
  3. It is STRONGLY advised that at least one parent attend all Den Meetings with their Scout. Cub Scouting is family focused an oriented and is meant to help you further develop your relationship with your son or daughter and watch their growth through the program.
  4. TIGER SCOUTS: At least one adult Partner MUST stay with the scout during Den Meetings.
  5. Uniform: Please discuss with your Den Leader which uniform they want you to wear to which Den Activity/event.  Either Class A Uniform or Class B (Pack T-shirt).  Must wear one of these.
  6. Field Trips: All field trips/outings that scouts attend MUST be in full Class A Uniform.
  7. iPods, video games and other electronic devices are prohibited.  These devices cause disruption to meetings and activities.
  8. Bring den dues (if your den does this) and handbook to each meeting.
  9. If a scout disobeys more than three times in one den meeting, they will be asked to leave with their parents.  If parents are not in attendance at the meeting then a phone call will be placed to their parents to pick them up immediately.
  10. Support the Pack by volunteering to help with at least one Pack Meeting or function, or by becoming a member of the Pack Committee.  There are MANY volunteer opportunities available ranging from a single event chair to a year long position and ALL help is GREATLY appreciated!


  1. Please conduct yourselves according to the Scout Law, Oath and Promise.  Many problems can be avoided by keeping this in mind.
  2. Any problems will be handled first with your Den Leader, and then a meeting will be arranged with the Cub Master and Committee Chairperson, if the problem continues to occur, then dismissal is a possibility.
  3. No abusive or foul language will be permitted.
  4. Inappropriate conduct and language includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Teasing or taunting or Bullying
    • Swearing or other foul/improper language
    • Fighting (kicking, punching etc.)
    • Swinging an object at another scout or adult.
    • Pushing/shoving/tripping another scout or adult
    • Using a knife, hatchet, ax or saw without a Totem Chip card
    • Fooling around with a knife, hatchet, saw or fire
    • Refusing to perform a task appropriately and fairly assigned to you
    • Creating a nuisance by not following the directions of the scouts/adults in charge.
    • Violating rules of the organization/place of the activity
    • Vandalism
    • Stealing
    • ****Violation of these rules will result in immediate notification to parents/guardians and the removal of a scout or adult from the activity and/or Scouting****

Scout Responsibilities:

The Cub Scout will:

Follow the Law of the Pack

Respect other Scouts and their property

Respect the Den Leader(s) and others who are helping with the Den

Work toward their rank requirements

Attend all Den and Pack Meetings and Activities

Bring their Handbook to every meeting.

Parent Responsibilities:

When joining Pack 74 each Parent agrees to follow Pack 74 Rules and agrees to support their Scout in Scouting.  Each Parent also is committed supporting their Scout’s Den Leader(s) in all ways, especially with ensuring good behavior from their own Scout as well as assisting with discipline of their own Scout when/if necessary.


  1. Closed-toe shoes MUST be worn at all times (except in the shower or swimming areas).
  3. No accelerants may be used on the campfires.
  4. Scouts MUST be attended with an adult at all times (except shower/bathroom areas).
  5. No Scout is allowed in anyone else’s tent but their own.
  6. Only IMMEDIATE family members (Married Spouse, siblings) are allowed to sleep in the same tent/camper as a Scout.
  7. Scouts MUST have their Totem Chip card with them to use a knife, hatchet, as or saw.
  8. Scouts are reminded that improper/careless use of a knife, hatchet, as or saw will result in corners being removed from their Totem Chip card.  If all four corners are removed, that Scout will not be permitted to use a knife, hatchet, ax or saw on any subsequent campouts until that Scout repeats the Totem Chip course and receives a new Totem Chip card.  If two corners are removed from the new card, then that Scout will be forever prohibited from using a knife, hatchet, ax or saw in Pack 74.
  9. Lost Totem Chip cards will be replaced with one corner removed.
  10. All Scouts will follow the buddy system on activities.
  11. All Adults will practice “Two deep leadership” when in the company of ANY Scout (except their own) at ALL times.
  12. No Pets of any kind can attend Cub Scout Camping Events.
  13. All participants will be responsible for cleaning a campsite before departing.  Prior to leaving you MUST have Campsite inspection by either Cub Master, Asst. Cub Master or Committee Chairperson.  EVERYONE IN ATTENDANCE MUST PRACTICE THE LEAVE NO TRACE GUIDELINES AT ALL TIMES.
    • No alcoholic beverages
    • No smoking (within sight of any scout)
    • No illegal drugs
    • No firearms or weapons (excluding BB Guns during designated/authorized Scouting programs, and pocket knife only allowed to Scouts who have earned their Totem Chip)
    • No fireworks
    • No pornography