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Boy Scout Troop 247
(Baltimore, Maryland)
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Leadership for Troop 247, Spring to Fall 2020

Senior Patrol
Senior Patrol Leader - Patrick W.
Assistant SPL - Spencer K.
Assistant SPL - Peter Z.

Patrol Leader - Zachary B.
Assistant Patrol Leader - Anders P.

Patrol Leader - Andrew R.
Assistant Patrol Leader - Justin K.

Patrol Leader - Adam W.
Assistant Patrol Leader - Jackson M.

Patrol Leader - Dominic H.
Assistant Patrol Leader - Cory B.

Fire Breathing Dragons
Patrol Leader - Chris J.
Assistant Patrol Leader - 

Blazing Phoenixes
Patrol Leader - Frankie S.
Assistant Patrol Leader - Logan P.

Scout Leadership Roles
Quartermaster - Sam Z.
Webmaster - Tyler S.
Chaplain Aide - Zach B.
Troop Guide - Nathen F.
Instructor - Kingston 
Order of The Arrow Troop Representative - Tyler S.
Librarian -  Adam W.
Bugler - Adam W.
Outdoor Ethics Guide - 
Scribe - 
Historian - 

Scoutmaster Corps (Adult Leaders)
Scoutmaster - Erik Roese
Assistant SM - Jeff Currier
Assistant SM - Paul Napoli
Assistant SM - Neal Houk
Assistant SM - Eric Alt
Assistant SM - John Myers

Areas of Special Focus
1st Year Program - Erik Roese
Eagle Scout Coach - Jeff Currier
Youth Leadership Development - Paul Napoli

Committee Members
Troop Committee Chair - Sean Zito (acting)
Adult Training Coordinator - Amy Bradford
Advancement Coordinator - Jim Taylor
Court of Honor Coordinator - Tami Lang
Equipment Coordinator - Keith Light
Fundraising - Kathy McDermott
Fundraising - Tami Lang
Outdoor Coordinator - Rich Dennison
Secretary - Jamie Tang
Treasurer - Laura Dennison
Committee Member - Kurt Kates
Committee Member - Dave Foster
Committee Member - Rick Brechtel

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