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Boy Scout Troop 247
(Baltimore, Maryland)
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If you are joining or transferring from another Scout Troop, you may print & complete the application forms from these sites.  Note the Youth and Adult applications are DIFFERENT.  Please use the appropriate form.

YOUTH application:

ADULT application:

Adult Personal Data Forms

All Adults are asked to complete this form.

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Adult Personal Data Draft.xls  
Merit Badge Counselor Information.pdf  

Medical Forms

The Latest and Greatest Medical Form for Scout Events!

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BSA Annual Health Form.pdf  

2019 Eagle Scout Application and Workbook

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2019 Eagle Rank Project Workbook.pdf  
2019 Eagle Scout Rank Application.pdf  

First Class in First Year Program

To help the newer Scout acclimate from an adult-run WEBELOS program into the "organized chaos" of a Boy Scout troop, we maintain a higher rate of adult and Troop Guide interaction with first year scouts to guide them through the first 3 ranks to learn "safe" Scouting and acclimate to the boy-led model of Boy Scouting.

We follow a "First Class in the First Year" agenda (see attached document).  If a scout is motivated, he can reach the 1st Class rank in the first year, though many will need 18 months or more.  Inconsistent attendance at weekly troop meetings, camping trips, and not practicing skills (first aid, knots, etc) at home are some things that may hinder his progress through the ranks.  Getting his requirements "signed off" is much different in Boy Scouting as it was as a Cub or WEBELOS.  As a Boy Scout, he is expected to SHOW PROFICIENCY in these skills before getting "signed off".    If he cannot demonstrate the skills consistently, he will need to practice before demonstrating successful skill execution.

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First Class in 12-18 MOnths.doc  

Weekly Meeting Planning Charts

NOTHING is more important in keeping a troop organized than proper PLANNING and COMMUNICATION.

Every meeting should have every detail planned out ahead of time and whenever possible, those plans should be distributed in writing to EVERY MEMBER of the Troop.     No scout should come to a meeting without knowing exactly what is planned for the night.

Written plans are the BARE MINIMUM requirements of effective Leadership!  
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Weekly Plan - blank.doc Blank weekly meeting planning chart  

Duty Roster

A written DUTY ROSTER clarifies who does what at camp.   With DUTY ROSTERS done in advance, there is no question as to who was supposed to wash dishes, cook, assist, or fill water jugs.

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Duty Roster.pdf Monthly Camp Duty Roster  

Monthly Camp MENU planner

Menu Planner

Each monthly camping trip, the individual patrols are usually planning, buying, cooking, cleaning a weekend's worth of meals.   IN ADDITION TO A DUTY ROSTER, the Patrol should work among themselves to plan their meals.   

Use this form to organize healthy meals and a shopping list for the "Grub Master"

Generic Permission Slips

We strive to have trip-specific permission slips sent out in preparation of each upcoming trip.  In the event we fall a little behind... here's a generic form that is acceptable.

Please note you need to fill in departure date, times, food fees, and emergency contacts.
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Vehicle Inspection Form

Please complete 1 for each vehicle that you may use to transport boys to/from Scouting events.
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Annual Vehicle Checklist txt.rtf  
Annual Vehicle Checklist.pdf  

What is "being active in your troop"?

For the Star, Life, and Eagle ranks, the scouts are required to be "active" in the troop and serve in some type of leadership capacity.  

Being active "enough" to get credit towards rank is a very hard thing to measure.  Some troops insist on 80% or 75% attendance at all events.  Some BSA resources ( insist that "active" is nothing more than being registered and having your annual dues paid.   But a FAIR and REASONABLE definition of "active" or "leader" is found somewhere in the middle.

The March-April 2012 edition of Scouting Magazine did a 1 page article that offers the best answer.  This is the guideline we will follow.    It recognizes that several worthwhile organizations/activities for boys are found outside of Scouting, and that it is unreasonable to expect 100% attendance at all functions.  However, the fact also remains that the PURPOSE of being "active" in Scouting is so the program can have an impact on you, and you can have an impact on the Program and your fellow scouts.  Therefore, a REASONABLE amount of participation and attendance is incumbent upon you. 

Those in Leadership positions have a unique responsibility.  People are actually counting on you to do your "job" and provide leadership (in some capacity) to the Troop in general.  Therefore, the Scoutmaster will clarify these expectations with you when you have attained a position of leadership.  You may also ask him any time you are unsure or confused as to whether or not you're fulfilling the obligations of your position.    The Scoutmaster will make the final determination as to whether or not a Scout has met the requirements for "leadership" and for "being active".

See the attached document for clarity on this issue.
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BSA Active.pdf  

Mulch Sales Forms

Use these forms to assist in mulch orders and sales
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2013 Blank Order Form - NEW FORMAT.xls  
2013 mulch flyer-template.docx